Global Relations logo

Global Relations is the founding organisation of Kenswed Academy. This upper-secondary school is Young Champs starting point. By cooperating with Global Relations we continue to build on their great work and at the same time we develop opportunities with the field of sports. It gives us the chance to build a sustainable model to spread further.

Wise economy logo
A non-profit, non-political global organization based in SWEDEN.
Wise Economys Founders have successfully worked with Economic Empowerment in
39 countries with a gathered experience of 104 years!
Fond & Finans logo

Our partner who is passionate about Young Champs’ values. They assist us financially, they spread the word about our project and contribute with a strong network that is beneficial for our mutual goals.

Frida Hultén logo

Frida is a talented jewelry designer with a big heart. She contributes with a positive attitude and is a great ambassador for our project. Frida designs our charity bracelets, which enables us to collect more funds for our cause.

Other contributors

Tidtryck logo

Tidtryck has been helping us with various printing related to our project. We highly appreciate their contributions, which means that more funds will be allocated to the project.

Fortnox logo

Fortnox contribute with their economic software. They had a very supportive attitude and by lowering our overhead we can help more youths achieve their goals.